An Ode to an Ankle Sock

It is amazing the power that is packed into an unassuming ankle sock.  One might think the more conspicuous, the more coverage, the flashier the knee high, the better the effect.  Not necessarily so.  Compression is strongest at the most distal (anatomy jargon for farthest) point from the heart.   Obviously and optimally, more sock, more compression.  But if you are out on a hot summer day and you only have your trusty ankle socks, they will keep your feet happy and your toes smiling for many hours.

Once my husband and I went to Yosemite National Park on a whim while visiting friends in California. We like adventure and sometimes underestimate the journey.  We hiked the entire Valley floor both ways which is about 14 miles.  It was an unusual water year so there was lots of flooding, wet marsh, mud, and debris along the way. We trail blazed around small pockets of standing water and probably hiked more like bird dogs than homo sapiens.  All I had was a pair of converse sneakers and ZeroPoint ankle socks.   My feet stayed blister free and relatively warm even after getting soaked to the shin.  The sneakers didn’t fair as well and split along the glue line at the sole.  Take it from me, if you always travel with ZeroPoint Compression ankle socks, you’ll be ready for anything.

On another note, I had plantar fasciitis in my right heel for who knows how long?  It hurt a lot in the morning.  I started wearing ankle socks every day and it went away.  I have no idea how long it took but one morning I woke up and realized the foot no longer hurt.  If you happen to have this painful affliction in your foot, maybe you could start wearing the socks and see how long it takes to heal and let me know.  Just one more testament to the power of the short sock.  ZeroPoint Compression ankle socks rock!

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