Awesome Reasons to Try Weight Training

So, maybe you are trying to decide whether you want to take up weight training. But you don’t want to end up looking like a muscle-bound freak. Or perhaps, you just don’t think you will enjoy it, because you don’t have a Cross Fit personality.

Well, put those negative thoughts behind you, because there are some pretty awesome reasons to try weight training!

When you take up weight training, you will not start looking like the Incredible Hulk, and while you should try to maintain a good workout routine, there’s no need to become totally fanatically about it to see and feel excellent results. Check some of the many benefits to weight training:

Helps with weight loss — By lifting weights, you will build lean muscle that is more metabolically active than fat. By increase lean muscle, you increase your metabolism with burns more calories. Strength training, along with cardio exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight/fat and become more fit.

Live longer — Yes, regular exercise has been shown to add years to your life, and strength training has benefits including increasing muscle mass, which can lessen the risk of premature death.

Sleep better — Anyone who exercises regular knows that they sleep better, and weight lifting is no exception.  Some studies have shown that those who weight lift have reduced the number times they woke up during the night, in comparison with those who did not engage in any exercise.

Reduces injury risks — Because weight lifting can strengthen muscles, bones and connective tissue, all of this will give your body an overall better condition and because of the increased level of strength, can certainly protect you from many injuries that can come from weak muscles, bones and so on.

Increase flexibility, balance, stability — As we grow older, our muscle mass can decrease leading to loss of balance and flexibility, along with weight game. Weight training can give you back full range of motion in your joints, which will give you back your flexibility and balance.

Lower blood pressure — Strength training has been shown in some studies to reduce high blood pressure. Of course, as with any new exercise routine for those with high blood pressure, you should consult with your doctor before embarking on a weight training routine.

You’ll feel better about yourself — Overall, you’ll begin feeling better about yourself and your confidence will increase when you lift weights. You’ll notice that you are getting stronger and your physical body will be changing in positive ways. Exercise in general has been shown to help with depression and anxiety symptoms, so your overall mood will be elevated.

Little improvements in your day to day routine will be seen. For instance, you may be work in the yard and garden without that pesky back pain. Or you’ll be walking up and down those stairs with no knee pain.

It’s often the little things that are the awesome reasons to try weight training!

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