Check Out The Benefits of Athletic Compression Clothing

Check Out The Benefits of Athletic Compression Clothing

If you watch just about any professional sport, you will have seen the athletes sporting compression wear — everything from sleeves to socks and shirts and shorts. And in just about every color imaginable!

Compression wear has received many accolades from both manufacturers and athletes touting how athletic compression clothing can help recovery, increase blood circulation and more, all to improve performance. And so, if you are a recreational gym-goer, you may have some questions surrounding compression garments.

What is Compression Clothing?

Compression wear is usually designed with a blend of nylon and spandex, and is engineered to be stretchy, and yet maintain its structure. Compression wear has been used by the medical field for many years, as these items will apply pressure to specific body areas to promote blood flow, decrease swelling and assist in the overall healing and recovery process.

The most common type of compression garment is the stocking, which places more pressure on the lower part of the leg and decreases higher up on the leg. This pushes the blood in a more efficient manner and can help those suffering from vascular or circulation issues.

It was from this medical background that athletic compression clothing came about. Compression garments were often given to patients suffering from vein disease or recovering from surgery. These garments have also been used to alleviate symptoms of:

  • Lymphedema
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Other circulatory medical conditions

Within the modern compression garment/gear industry, the thinking was that if the garments can increase the efficiency of the circulatory system, it could help athletic performance. Essentially, an increased blood flow will increase oxygen, which should increase performance levels.

According to a blog in The New York Times, compression clothing is believed to refine or increase proprioception. This is the individual’s sense of how the body is positioned spatially. So, if one has better proprioception, the efficiency of movement and the reduction in the muscles that must be activated, should, in theory, make exercising less tiring.

Other studies have studied the effect of compression garments in athletes in terms of performance and recovery. Many of these studies have determined that in some situations, compression garments have assisted in athletic performance and recovery. Most of the sports that saw positive effects are usually those that require explosive sprinting or quick muscle reaction such as basketball and track/field. However, other sports such as weight training, have indicated feeling less sore when wearing compression wear.

While many studies have said that the people’s expectations may color the results of wearing compression gear, this just brings the question of if stronger performance does result due to positive thinking about the effects of compression wear, the positive results on performance cannot be ignored.

If you want to know more about compression gear and performance on your particular sport, just ask one of our team members at ZeroPoint Compression!


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