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We’ve talked a lot about how compression can help you with sports and recreational activities. We’ve even talked a bit about how compression helps with some medical conditions. There’s another aspect that we have yet to touch upon. So in this blog, we are going to talk about compression for travel.

There are many reasons to wear compression garments when you are traveling.

When you travel, especially when you are required to sit for long periods of time, such as airplane flights. You can become dehydrated, and you are also at a higher risk for developing blood clots. You don’t have the best opportunity to get up and move around on plane flights or long-distance auto trips.

Compression gear can help with circulation in the legs, thus decreasing the possibility of blood pooling and causing clots.

Interestingly, compression for travel is becoming increasingly popular, not only because it will decrease the possibility of clots, but it can also reduce the swelling the comes from sitting for long periods of time.

When this puffiness occurs, it can take several days for it to subside and this can be significant if you need to look your best. “Cankles” may not be putting your best foot forward, so to speak.

When you wear compression socks, you can reduce the risk of developing this unsightly swelling.

Here are a couple of other reasons to wear compression for travel

Tired Legs

The large veins in the legs are responsible for helping the heart pump blood to the heart and throughout the body. The calf muscle actually pushes the blood toward the heart. It is the contraction of these muscles that, when moving, act as a pump to push the blood toward the heart. If you are inactive for long periods of time, whether standing or sitting, these muscles do not work sufficiently well to force the blood upward. Because of decreased circulation, blood can gather in the veins and cause a feeling of tension or heaviness in the legs and can make them feel tired and achy. Compression will decrease the feeling of tired legs and increase your circulation.

Jet Lag Recovery

Many people who travel extensively such as athletes, must recover as quickly as possible from jet lag to perform at the top of their games. Athletes and others have reported that they have been able to recover much faster if they wear compression during their travel times.

As you can see, there are several great reasons to wear compression when you are traveling. And finally, you will probably feel more refreshed and well-rested after your journey. And you can also find pieces that will fit under your clothes so you can still present the best appearance possible.

If you want more information about the best compression for travel, please contact one of our very knowledgeable team members. We can help you find gear that will help during your travels as well as sports performance.


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