Benefits of Compression Gear for Baseball Players

It’s World Series season, so what better time to discuss the benefits of compression gear for baseball players?

Baseball players, just like most athletes want to perform well, along with looking great! Amateur baseball players often see those pros wearing compression gear, and have started emulating them, perhaps more for the looks than the physical benefits.

The shirts and sleeves worn by the pros are certainly stylish, many people may not be completely familiar with the actual benefits that compression gear can bring, whether you are playing baseball or any other athletic endeavor.

Benefits of Compression Gear for Baseball Players

The overall benefits of wearing compression definitely apply to those playing baseball.

  • Decrease in muscle sorenessBaseball season is quite long, and when you consider all the practice and conditioning sessions, a lot of strain can be placed on your muscles. Compression gear when worn both during and after a workout or game can help alleviate muscles soreness.
  • Pitchers often use sleeves to decrease muscles soreness. You’ve probably seen many pitchers wearing a sleeve on their throwing arms. Baseball players also use calf sleeves to decrease soreness from fielding and running.
  • Decrease swelling — Many baseball players experience strains and sprains, along with bruises and bumps. Compression wear such as sleeves, braces and socks can help reduce the potential for swelling.
  • Quicker recovery— During baseball season, players have very little downtime between practice and games, so they must find ways to speed workout recover. Compression gear, when worn during a game or workout can help muscles recover faster. This is due to the fact the increase in circulation caused by compression gear can get oxygen to the muscles faster, as well as increase the speed with which substances such as lactic acid that cause soreness are eliminated.

Optimal Compression Gear for Baseball Players

Baseball players probably don’t need the same type of compression gear as runners or basketball players. Here are some examples of the compression items that are baseball-specific:

  • Compression shorts – Many baseball players wear padded compression shorts underneath baseball pants to support and protection during activities such as sliding into base.
  • Compression undershirts –Single- or double-sleeved shirt worn under the baseball jersey can add support. Pitchers wear a single-sleeved shirt for more protection
  • Compression Sleeves (arms and/or legs) — Sleeves will help to reduce swelling and muscle soreness. Additionally, they can speed up the recovery process.

The benefits of compression gear for baseball players are numerous and whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can easily embrace all these benefits.

If you have any questions at all about compression gear, whether you want to wear it for baseball or some other sport or activity, just ask one of our knowledgeable team members at ZeroPoint Compression. We will help you select the best gear for you!

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