The Many Benefits of Youth Compression Wear

Does your child or children like working out with you? Or maybe it’s just a recreational day out with the kids biking, hiking or some other fun family sport. Your little one may want to do and look like you, right down to those really “cool” looking compression pieces you put on before working out or just playing with the kiddos. So you might be wondering about youth compression wear and whether it’s beneficial to the younger set.

Of course, many of us still think of compression garments as those stockings usually worn by senior citizens to help alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins and poor circulation.  However, children of almost any age can benefit from the benefits of compression wear.

Originally, yes, compression wear was designed to help reduce the signs of vein disease, particularly varicose veins. These stockings were usually made of a rubber-like and often unattractive material. Simply put, they were considered a medical device, not a fashion statement.

As the benefits of compression gained traction within the athletic and sports communities, the designs became far more attractive, and often now are considered a fashion statement. The materials used to make these new compression garments have also been elevated. In fact, ZeroPoint uses the sustainable materials in its apparel manufacturing. The fabrics used are constructed using 85% repurposed nylon waste collected from oceans and landfills. A sophisticated process then turns these materials into Econyl fabrics.

As we stated, children can receive the same sports benefits from wearing compression as adults including:

  • Reduced injuries due to muscles being kept in place
  • Better circulation that can lead to better performance
  • Quicker recovery times

A Surprising Additional Benefit of Youth Compression Wear

Another benefit of youth compression wear is that it can be used to help children on the autism spectrum or those suffering from sensory issues.

There are been many anecdotes and some studies that have shown that children who suffer from these types of conditions can feel more comfortable and calm due to the pressure provided by compression gear. Children who like feeling “smooshed” or likes being hugged are within this group and often use weighted blankets to help them feel calm.

Occupational therapists in some schools have recommended using “compression vests” to help children who respond to pressure from hugs, tight clothing or other forms of pressure for tactile input.

Now, once again the early forerunners of this type of compression gear, particularly the “compression vest” can make a child self-conscious and are often hot and be stifling, making children adverse to wearing them.

Compression garments, such as compression shirts from ZeroPoint can provide the comforting pressure and yet be an attractive wardrobe addition. They can also be worn under regular clothing.

If you want to know more about any type of compression gear from ZeroPoint, including youth compression wear, we invite you to contact us or visit our website. We will help you find the very best compression clothing for your needs!



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