How to Build Stamina to Make Exercise Easier

Having high levels of stamina is a sure way to make sure that your exercise routine is easier and more effective. So here’s a look at how to build stamina to make exercise easier.

First, just exactly what is stamina? Stamina is also known as endurance and is the ability to sustain physical efforts for long periods of time. Endurance involves the heart and lungs, along with your muscles. No matter if you want to increase your stamina to increase sports performance, or to simply carry your groceries from the car to the house without becoming winded, the following exercises can help. This seems ironic doesn’t it? Exercises to be able to exercise easier. Well, when you see the type of exercises that build stamina, it will become crystal clear!

Core Exercise

Almost no exercise beats aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling or jogging to build stamina. These cardio-based exercises should become part of your regular exercise routine, and you should engage in this activity for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Stair climbing is one of the best ways to start your endurance training. When you stair climb, your heart rate speeds up, and causing you to take in more oxygen, which is an integral part of building overall stamina.

Interval Training

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is one of the most time efficient routines that can improve your stamina. Research also suggests it can be better at building stamina than steady-state cardio exercises. With HIIT, you will exercise at a high intensity for a relatively short period of time, followed by lower intensity levels for recovery. For example, you can do burpees for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and then repeat for eight rounds.

Weight Training

Lifting weights will help build muscle stamina. Lift at high reps at a light weight for the most efficient way to build muscle endurance. If you are going after power, you will need to lift heavier weights. Keep in mind that form and quality of your lifting is very important.


Swimming at moderate intensity for just 20 minutes will bring fast stamina benefits. Once you have achieved ease with your 20-minute, moderate swim, you might want to try interval training in the water. Swimming will allow your lungs to increase oxygenation, which is important to increasing endurance.

As you can see, these tips on how to build stamina to make exercise easier can be easily fit into just about any daily schedule. Just a few minutes a day of these types of exercises and you will see a noticeable increase in your endurance. If it’s your goal, you can move forward to a more rigorous training routine.

Also, compression gear, which has the benefit of increasing circulation and oxygenation, can certainly benefit endurance, which heavily relies on oxygen and circulation. If you want to know more about how compression helps circulation, and even recovery, just contact us at ZeroPoint Compression.

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