Calf Compression Sleeves and Their Benefits

Today, we are going to take a look, specifically, at the calf compression sleeves.

Just What is the Purpose of Calf Compression Sleeves?

Nearly every type of compression sleeve is becoming increasingly popular among athletes of all types — both professional and amateur. For example, it’s quite possible you have seen marathon runners and/or triathletes utilizing hem. However, you may still be wondering just exactly what purpose and benefits are provided by calf compression sleeves.

Calf Compression Sleeve Description

A calf compression sleeve is essentially a tube constructed of tight elastic fabric that is worn on the lower leg or calf. It provides support and pressure on the entire area. ZeroPoint Compression calf sleeves provide a beneficial graduated compression. This is where you will experience a tighter feel at the lower end of your leg around the ankle area, and less compression further up the leg.

Many people who wear calf sleeves find that their athletic performance is improved and recovery is accelerated. These sleeves have also proved to be useful to people who have suffered injuries. These injuries can heal faster due to the increased blood flow through the arteries which is one of the best benefits of compression gear overall.

What Does the Calf Sleeve Do?

In the simplest sense, a calf compression sleeve puts pressure on the area it is covering. This pressure increases circulation and can keep the muscles loose to prevent injury. Many wearers say those muscles perform better and do not feel as sore after strenuous activities.  Additionally, wearers indicate that they recover faster.

The reason behind these great benefits is that higher amounts of oxygen are getting to the muscles and tissues in this area. Because of this increase in blood flow and oxygenation, injuries can be helped as well during recovery and rehabilitation.

Overall, the benefits of calf compression sleeves include:

  • Increased Circulation — Compression pushes the blood back to the heart at a better rate for higher levels of oxygenation.
  • Improved/Faster Recovery Times — This is especially beneficial to those with pre-existing injuries. Compression can also help eliminate the lactic build up in the muscles.
  • Loosen Muscles — This will help you reduce muscle soreness.
  • Temperature Control — The increased blood flow can help keep your body temperature at a comfortable level.
  • Protection — The added coverage of the compression sleeve can help you avoid scrapes, scratches, and dirt.

Other features of compression sleeves that you will find beneficial can include (depending upon the style and model):

  • A design that applies equal pressure without weak points
  • Moisture-wicking that will pull sweat away from your skin
  • Anti-microbial to prevent odors

You can see that while more professional athletes are seen wearing these calf compression sleeves, even the amateur athlete can benefit. Those with injuries or have the need to address vein issues in their lower legs can also benefit from wearing calf compression.

If you want to know more about calf compression sleeves or any other type of compression gear, just contact us at ZeroPoint Compression.



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