Can Compression Wear Help Athletes Release Their Anxiety and Stress

Many people, including athletes, experience anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, continued stress and anxiety can lead to diseases/disorders that are stress-related, including heart problems and high-blood pressure. So, can compression wear help athletes release their anxiety and stress? And of course, the same question applies to those of us who may not be high-performance professional athletes.

First, compression wear can help maintain productivity / performance among athletes, so that can be a front-line defense against anxiety and stress. If you feel you are performing at your best levels, your anxiety and stress levels must certainly be less.

How Does Compression Work to Reduce Anxiety/Stress?

One theory of how compression gear can reduce stress and anxiety is due to its pressure sensation. Some say that compression gear may create the soothing feeling of being hugged or held. This can lead to feelings of security, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety. You can also feel more relaxed.

Now, compression does not actually cause the relaxing of the muscles. Compression provides the muscles a feeling of relaxation because pressure is being applied to help the muscles feel positioned correctly, even “grounded”. This can also provide feelings of stability, both mentally and physically.

Another theory is that because compression gear can help reduce the possibility of injuries, that can reduce the stress and anxiety about getting injured.

Overall, when you look at the benefits of compression, athletes can receive an overall boost in confidence, which can help alleviate stress/anxiety.

Here’s a look at the main benefits:

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduction of muscle oscillations, which can optimize the contraction of muscle fibers, that can improve mechanical efficiency of the muscles
  • Reduction of muscle vibration, resulting in less fatigue
  • Reduction in strains/stress muscles, thus reducing injury potential
  • Less soreness and swelling
  • Faster recover times

Even More Benefits

There are many other benefits to wearing compression, such as:

  • Keeping muscles warm, to help reduce potential tears and pulls
  • Moisture wicking properties can keep sweat off the skin to prevent rashes/chafing
  • Improve oxygenation to muscles and throughout the entire body.

So can compression wear help athletes release their anxiety and stress? While there are no definitive studies that have said yes, the anecdotal information seems to stress that the general benefits provided by compression gear can help through increasing overall confidence, which can have positive effects on stress and anxiety.

We at ZeroPoint Compression want to help you find the best compression gear — whether you are a professional or recreational athlete. Or perhaps, you just want to look and feel better when you head to the gym. We can assist you in finding the best gear that will provide all these wonderful benefits! Please give us a call!


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