How to Choose and Use Compression Stocking?

You’ve made the decision to try out compression gear and now you probably have questions such as what is the best garment for me or even how to choose and use compression stockings. Compression socks and stockings are perhaps the most commonly used gear for those just starting out on their compression journey.

What is Compression Wear?

Let’s look at just what compression wear is so you can choose the best items for your individual scenario.

Current sports compression wear came from a medical background. Compression is used to deal with vein disease or to aid in the healing process after surgeries or other such procedures.

Other medical situations where compression can be used include:

  • Lymphatic system issues
  • Diabetes
  • Poor circulation
  • Vein issues

You probably think of compression stockings as those old-fashioned rubbery, thick and not very attractive. Modern compression wear is made of high-tech fabrics including spandex and latex and comes in an assortment of attractive colors and styles.

If you are going to wear compression for medical reasons, you’re physician will help you choose the very best type of stockings for your case. He or she will also instruct you on how to wear it and how long to wear it.

Sports Compression Gear

If you are considering compression to up your sports game or training regime, you will love the benefits provided by this gear.

Benefits of Compression for Sports and Recreational Activities

Among the top benefits of compression for those engaging in sports and other similar activities:

  • Circulation and blood flow improvement. The main benefit of compression is raising blood flow return to increase oxygenation to the muscles. This increase can reduce recovery times for muscles and general recovery. This will also relieve muscle pain and soreness.
  • Increase of proprioception — the ability to sense stimuli within the body such asposition, balance and/or motion. This will prevent injuries, due to your awareness of body functions such as safe range of motion.
  • Prevent and/or reduces muscle oscillation — small tears in the muscles, in conjunction with lactic acid build up. When muscle oscillation is reduced, you can work out harder and longer, with less pain.

 How to Choose Compression Socks

At ZeroPoint, we use specific dimensions and sizing requiring you to measure different parts of your body, depending upon which pieces you want. This will let you have a precise fit for the best fit and performance.

Use our sizing charts  to find the best fit for you. These charts include the different sizes for the different styles and types of compression gear offered.

It should be noted that our sizing for our compression gear is not based around your usual clothing size or measurements, rather your weight and height.

Because choosing the right compression gear is important so that you receive the benefits, we invite you to explore our website to check out all of the different gear available. If you need more help with how to choose and use compression stockings or other compression gear, feel free to contact one of our team members at ZeroPoint Compression.


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