Tips on How to Choose Compression Wear That Fits

There are many terrific reasons to wear compression wear. Of course, compression got its start in the medical field to help with symptoms of vein disease or to speed up recovery after surgery. Today, in addition to these medical applications, compression gear is being used by athletes — both professional and amateur.

If you are just starting out with compression gear, you may be wondering how to choose compression wear that fits.

As you probably know, compression gear is not like other athletic wear. First, they might be a bit harder to put on and get off, especially around the ankle and feet. This is because the compression or tightness is usually stronger in these areas.

Many people who try on compression for the first time may incorrectly think they need a larger size due to this tightness. However, while it may be more “comfortable”, moving up a size will often undermine the compression benefits.

If you are choosing compression for the first time or even just choosing new styles, there are several things to keep in mind when finding the best type and size.

At ZeroPoint Compression, we use a very sophisticated approach to ensure the correct compression levels are applied to the specific muscles groups, depending upon the individual piece chosen.

ZeroPoint compression gear was designed using in-depth research with top sports labs, universities, along with input from with athletes from different sports fields. As a result, you will find that our gear has exact compression levels, pinpoint location of application, and how it does affect muscle output and recovery.

At ZeroPoint, we use specific dimensions and sizing that will require a different approach to finding the correct size. You will need to measure different parts of your body, depending upon which pieces you want, to enable a precision fit that will provide the best fit and performance.

You can download our sizing charts here:

These charts include the different sizes for the different styles and types of compression gear offered.

As you can see, the sizing for compression gear is based on height and weight measurements, not based off of the usual clothing sizes.

Because choosing the correct compression gear is important to receiving all the benefits, we invite you to explore our website to check out all of the different gear available. We carry all lines of compression, from sleeves to socks and shirts. Of course, if you need assistance, feel free to contact one of our team members at ZeroPoint Compression. We are happy to help you figure out the best ways of how to choose compression wear that fits! We want you to experience the benefits and comfort of our compression gear!


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