Compression wear will change your perspective on how cloths should fit and feel.  It hugs the body tightly.  For a first-timer it may seem prohibitively so.  The fabric is woven with targeted compression which means a firmer weave at the extremities that gradually relaxes as it moves towards your heart.   ZeroPoint compression is so powerful, it’s registered with the FDA as a medical device.  The body-hugging construction makes it more challenging to get on and off than the average sock or legging.  You don’t just step into or pull on compression wear.  Be patient.  Try not to panic or get aggressive.  Use finesse.  It may be more daunting for men, who don’t normally wear tights, than for women who wear them regularly.

The amazing thing about compression wear is that once you get it on, it forms to your body and feels like a second skin.  Give it an hour or so and you will be amazed how your entire body will feel energized and happy.

The socks and tights need to be gathered up in one hand and slipped on up to the shin.  Once over the ankle and shin, they pull up easily. To get them off, reverse the process.  Slip the tights way down to the shin and pull them off inside out.   Pull the top of the socks inside out and down and over the heel with one hand.  Slide your fingers down between the sock and your foot to push the sock over your heel.  Tug the sock off from your toes.  It is especially important to practice these techniques if you’re sweaty and tired, as socks and tights will be more resistant when they’re wet.

Our Thermal tights have a smooth, soft zipper on the ankle.  We do this on purpose.  Now you can buy one tight for all your favorite cold-weather sports.  All you alpine skiers out there groaning should know that you can unzip and flip the bottom up or unzip to just over the ankle for a smooth fit in your ski boot.

Our shirts have the compression targeted in the arms and fit so snuggly through the torso that some women may feel free enough to wear the shirt with nothing underneath.  The weave of the fabric offers enough support for low impact activities.  It really is a whole new fit sensation.

If you have unusually large feet or calves, you’re a bit stiff, or struggle to bend over, you may find it easier to wear ankle socks and calf sleeves or crew socks and calf sleeves.  You’ll enjoy a precise fit that is easy to get on and off.

Arm sleeves should be pulled up over the wrist to the forearm and then tugged up and over the upper arm.  They work well with the compression T-shirt or alone.  A nice way to enjoy them is sitting at your computer.  They will energize your typing and make you yearn to get outside.

Adding compression wear to your wardrobe is a learning curve.  Give it a try it and see for yourself how great it makes you feel.

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