The Benefits of Compression Clothing for Bodybuilding

In our series of blogs about the benefits of compression gear for athletes, both professional and recreational, we have looked at several different sports and recreational activities. In this blog, we will be looking at compression clothing for bodybuilding.

If you have been following our series, you know there are several benefits to wearing compression gear. These include:

  •  Reduces Muscle Fatigue — Compression gear can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. Those who wear compression have said that they don’t feel fatigue and muscle soreness before, during and after a workout, meaning workouts can go longer and at higher performance levels.
  •  Prevents Strains / SprainsMuscles strains are common among bodybuilders, and Compression gear can prevent muscles strains due to the pressure applied to your muscles, keeping them in the correct positions. If you are prone to strains during workouts, compression may help.
  •  Lowers Muscles Soreness — As you know, weightlifting can often result in muscles soreness. Compression gear has the benefit of alleviating this because it increases circulation. Circulation gear can also help the body eliminate lactic acid buildup that causes post-workout muscle soreness.
  • Higher Oxygenation Levels — Oxygen is required by the muscles to function well during any workout. Compression gear increases the blood flow to the heart and lungs to increase oxygen levels in the blood. Due to the increased oxygen levels and higher blood flow to muscles and tissue, you may see a rise in your performance levels.
  • Comfort — Compression garments can keep you comfortable during your workouts. You can stay warmer or cooler which can help your performance levels. Compression gear can also prevent friction and chafe, as well as keeping certain parts in place. Having this comfort level available will help keep your focus on your workout, rather than on whether you might get a rash or some other irritant.

Biggest Benefit of Compression Clothing for Bodybuilding

While you can see compression gear has many benefits, you should note that the biggest benefit of compression clothing for bodybuilding is the recovery benefits. If you are a bodybuilder or a weightlifter, you know that you can experience post-workout soreness or even muscles strains.

Compression gear can help you recover fast for several reasons:

  • Keeps your muscles in place — when your muscles remain in their correct positioning both during and after your workout, you will not feel as sore. Also, you have a lower risk of strains due to correct muscle placement.
  • Better circulation — Because compression gear increases circulation, the increased oxygenation and circulation will reduce muscle pain through high oxygen levels and the elimination of lactic acid.

Many bodybuilders who use compression gear, recommend wearing the gear for long periods of time after a workout to allow for better recovery processes.

If you have any other questions about compression clothing for bodybuilding, or any other sports or recreation activity, please just ask one of our very knowledgeable team members at ZeroPoint Compression.



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