A Look at the Benefits of Compression Clothing for Weight Training

If you are regularly in the gym, engaged in any workout that has you working out on the weights, you are probably wondering about the benefits of compression clothing for weigh training.

Additionally, you have probably seen a lot of your gym-mates wearing those cool looking tight pieces — everything from leggings to shirts during their workouts. Now, you’ve probably questioned as to whether compression gear actually provides any benefits beyond making a fashion statement, especially when it comes to weight training.

The Benefits of Compression Gear

There has been much research and anecdotal input that indicates compression tights/pants and other types of compression wear can reduce soreness, both during and after a workout.

As you are probably aware, soreness occurs when you push your muscles beyond a certain limit, which occurs quite often within a weight training regime. Excessive workouts and even the accidental pull of a muscle can happen. Muscles that have been affected by injury can take a long time, even days, to heal this can often keep you from your regular workouts.

Weight lifting injuries happen for any number of reasons including:

  • Not engaging in a full warm up
  • Being in an incorrect positions when weightlifting
  • Attempting to lift too much weight resulting in torn muscles

You should also note that muscle damage can also occur during normal daily routines or even if you bathe too soon while the body is too warm, such as immediately after a strenuous workout.

How Compression Gear Help With Weight Training

How does compression gear help with weightlifting? The compression element of the gear is one of the biggest benefits. Compression gear, including pants and leggings are constructed of stretchable materials, including Lycra and Spandex that can help keep the muscles in their proper positions. When the muscles stay in the correct place, you have less chance of injuring yourself.

Wearing compression has been said to be like wearing a “second skin”. It is another layer that compresses the body part with a slight “pressure”. It is this pressure or compression that keeps those muscles in place, as well as reducing soreness. This can be especially beneficial in the knees which can easily be injured during weightlifting.

Not only weightlifters, but also other athletes and sports people wear compression to avoid muscle injuries.

Additional Benefits of Compression Gear

In addition to reducing the possibility of muscle injury/soreness, compression gear can heighten your work out by increasing the oxygen levels in your blood to help increase your performance. This is due to the compression gear’s ability to improve circulation to increase those oxygen levels.

Compression gear can keep you comfortable during a workout. You can remain cooler or warmer in those situations where you may be working out in less than optimal temperatures, or engaging in outdoor sports.

Another benefit is you will experience faster recovery and less post-workout soreness because compression gear speeds up the elimination of lactic acid buildup in the muscles that can cause soreness.

Finally, because compression gear can also be a fashion statement, you will feel better more energized and confident during your workout because you be feeling and looking great!.

If you have any other questions about the benefits of compression clothing for weight training, please just ask one of our very knowledgeable team members at ZeroPoint Compression.


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