Why Wear Compression for Efficient Training

Have you been to the gym and wondered about all those folks wearing those very tight clothing choices? Or perhaps you’ve seen elite and professional athletes sporting those brightly colored tights, sleeves, and other pieces.

This athletic wear is part of the compression gear phenomenon that is currently taking the sports world by storm. So, you may also be wondering about how compression for efficient training can help you ramp up your workout or sports.

The previous thought was the compression gear was only worn by pro athletes such as football and basketball teams, and maybe the true gym junkie. Many people think that it’s a struggle to cram one’s body into that skintight athletic wear, or that it is simply just a fashion statement.

This is simply no longer true. The many benefits of compression gear have come to light and you will find so many more people embrace those aspects. (And it’s not hard to get into!)

Compression wear is essentially clothing made from a combination of Lycra, Spandex and other elastic-type materials whose main goal is to increase proper blood circulation, which will then lead to many other benefits.

There are essentially two types of compression apparel:

The first is “graduated”, and is tighter in the extremities to help push the blood flow back toward your core and heart.

The other is “compartmental” where there are particular areas which are tighter. These choices are often better suited for specific sports and activities.

When you train or exercise, your heart will be pumping oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. When the blood reaches the muscles, it then provides oxygen to them. After the blood has delivered the oxygen, it becomes more difficult for the blood to quickly return to the heart. And this is where compression comes in to assist.

Training Benefits

In addition to increased circulation, there are many other benefits to compression gear.

Wearing compression wear can prevent some injuries. When you move, your muscles do as well, and when those muscles move, tiny tears can occur in the tissue. By compressing the muscles with compression gear, your muscles will move less, thus reducing the possibility of tears and strains. Additionally, that extra support to the joints and muscles.

Anyone who works out regularly knows about lactic acid and its effect on after-workout recovery. Compression gear has been shown to reduce the amount of lactic acid accumulation, by speeding up the removal of it before it can adversely affect your muscles.

Finally, with all these benefits, you may actually like the way compression wear makes you look and feel. You can feel sleeker and more trim when wearing this type of exercise gear. And compression for efficient training brings all these benefits together so you can truly have a more beneficial workout!

If you want some guidance about how compression for efficient training can benefit you, just contact us at ZeroPoint Compression. We are happy to help you find the very best gear for your individual sport or lifestyle.



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