What Are the Reasons to Choose Compression for High Performance?

Compression for High Performance

Many people wonder if compression can actually help you become a better athlete. Well, there’s no actual solid proof that compression will turn you into an elite athlete; however, it can help you make your training a bit more efficient and safe. Through the benefits of compression, you can keep your muscles warm, as well as giving them a bit of a performance boost.

Compression for high performance is not going to automatically make your run faster, jump higher or throw the ball farther. You know that all those things come with practice, perseverance, along with some natural talent.

Also, compression garments and gear actually shine for post-training recovery and the reduction of injury.

Compression gear for training and athletes has its beginnings as medical devices that were used to treat conditions such as varicose veins, lymphedema, and deep vein thrombosis. This was because of the increase in circulation of blood and other body fluids. When blood circulation was increased it reduced the likelihood of pooling and clots. Additionally, compression gear can rid the body of lactic acid build up which will help speed up recovery, along with preventing muscles soreness.

During training, you can experience tiny little tears within your muscles. When these muscles are repairing themselves is when you feel that soreness. Additionally, there is water within your muscles and when you stop working out, that water volume will increase and cause pain.

Compression works like a pump moving the fluids around the circulatory system. This movement can help remove metabolites, enhance the elimination of water (reducing the space for possible swelling) and improves the lymphatic outflow.

Many studies have shown that the beneficial effects of compression during recovery reduce levels of molecules that can cause inflammation, along with eliminating an enzyme creatine kinase.

Another thing pointed out in many studies is that the compression must be at the correct levels to help with recovery and/or performance. If the compression level is not high enough, it won’t help with the circulatory benefits. If the compression level is too high it can actually restrict the blood flow. At ZeroPoint Compression, we provide medical grade gear with several levels of compression.

Additionally, we use a different sizing method. Rather than just trying to fit gear according to simply just your height and weight, as many other compression manufacturers do; we actually fit according to measurements of the body area. For instance, our sizing is based on the size of your calf or thigh, depending upon what piece of gear you are looking to wear. This allows us to fit you with the best compression size and level. This allows us to provide compression for high-performance activities or recreational activities that will provide the very best benefits.

Please contact us when you are ready to use compression to help with your sports performance or everyday activities. Our team helps, as well as knowledgeable and will get you into the best gear for your individual scenario.


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