Why Wear Compression for Surgery Recovery

In most of our posts, we have covered how compression gear can optimize sports performance. We have in these previous blogs covered the fact that today’s athletic compression garments and gear come from its background as a medical assistant for many different conditions and situations. So today, we are going to look at how important it is as compression for surgery recovery, and other medical situations.

How Compressions Helps With Recovery

Here are some ways that compression garments can help your post-surgery recovery:

The most common procedures that use compression post-surgery are plastic and cosmetic surgeries. By wearing compression garments during your recovery and healing periods, you will experience much better results. Compression garments are usually used with liposuction, tummy tucks, and other similar procedures.

Alleviates Swelling

Many people have significant swelling after any type of surgical procedure. Compression garments are beneficial for reducing swelling, as well as discomfort by making sure that proper circulation is occurring.

Alleviates Signs of Scars

If you wear compression garments after surgery, you can experience less scar tissue. It can also eliminate any bulges or waves around any incisions. The pressure from compression can control skin shrinkage to produce less scarring.

Finally, by requiring that you wear compression garments after a body sculpting type procedure, you will see better results, a smoothing figure, and there is less risk of bulges.

Other Medical Procedures Requiring Compression Garments

One of the main medical conditions that require compression is vein conditions, such as varicose veins. While most of us think of this as a cosmetic condition, it can progress into a serious medical situation.

Varicose veins and other vein issues are caused by venous reflux, which is a condition where the blood in the veins backs up and causes pooling. This condition can be a common contributor to vascular disease. It is also the cause of vascular insufficiency.

Because compression stockings, socks, and other similar garments can improve circulations, they are especially beneficial for those suffering from early onset varicose/vein disease.

Should the vein disease progress to a point where surgery such as Sclerotherapy or EVLT be necessary to repair the veins, compression for surgery recovery processes will be required.

Most compression garments that are required by physicians after a surgical procedure come at different pressure levels and are often a prescribed medical device. At ZeroPoint we specialize in medical grade compression garments, so you may want to consult with your physician for your compression for surgery recovery needs. We may be able to help you fill your doctor’s requirements for compression garments. And our compression gear is far more attractive than most medical compression, so you’ll actually enjoy wearing them out and about as you heal!


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