A “Brief” Look at the Difference Between Compression Shorts and Underwear

As you have seen, there are many people who are wearing compression shorts for many athletic activities including running, basketball, tennis and many others. You may, if you have never worn them, be wondering if they are effective if they are comfortable and other questions.  You also may be wondering about the difference between compression shorts and underwear.

This is, in fact, a great question. People often wonder about wearing compression instead of underwear. Here’s a look at some facts about compression shorts, so you can make your own decisions about what will work best for you.

However, we are going to make a very strong suggestion: Do not wear both compression shorts and underwear together. It can be very uncomfortable, and it may also look a bit funny.

Difference between Compression Shorts and underwear


One of the main reasons people wear compression shorts during workouts and sports activities is they are more comfortable than underwear. Regular underwear is known to the bunch, rub, tear and chafe — all making a workout somewhat uncomfortable.

Compression shorts will eliminate all of those discomforting actions. Also, compression shorts will keep everything in place! You should definitely choose compression gear that is made from high-quality materials, such as those from ZeroPoint Compression. Some materials that can be used to make compression gear have been known to cause irritation.


Regular underwear has been known to allow unwanted movement that can be especially irritating for men.

Wearing regular underwear is probably fine if you’re just sitting in a coffee shop or at the office; however, if you are engaging in strenuous exercises or sports, you want to make sure that everything is “kept in place”. Compression shorts can actually help reduce the possibility of those awkward injuries.

Faster Recovery

One of the main benefits of compression gear is that it will help you recover faster from either a workout or an injury. Compression does this by improving your circulation and stabilizing your muscles — each of these are proven factors to speed up recovery. Also, compression shorts work on your hips and thighs, which are areas that need the most support after a workout.

Temperature Regulation and Breathability

Compression shorts can also help you regulate your body temperature. You can eliminate that chilly feeling you may experience prior to a workout, especially in colder climates. And advanced compression gear can help you keep your body at a comfortable temperature, especially when you throw in sweat.


While you may say that compression shorts are more expensive than regular underwear, the fact that they actually will enhance your workouts far more than regular underwear makes compression a good investment. Think of compression shorts as an investment in your overall workout performance and well being!

At ZeroPoint Compression, our entire team is knowledgeable about all things compression. If you have more questions about the difference between compression shorts and underwear, feel free to ask! We want to make sure you find the best compression gear for you!


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