A Look at the Difference Between Compression Tights and Calf Sleeves

If you are a regular reader of this blog series, you know we have covered many of the significant benefits of compression gear. Throughout the series, we have included examinations of the different types of gear and why compression works for different sports.

This installment will be a look at the difference between compression tights and calf sleeves. We will also discuss how you can choose which piece / type will be the most beneficial for you.

The Difference Between Compression Tights and Calf Sleeves

You will notice right off there are several difference with the most obvious is the design:

Compression tights are just that – tights. They are similar to leggings or stockings and go from the waist down and fully cover the legs and feet in entirety.

Compression calf sleeves are compression gear that slips on and is worn from the knee to the ankle. It is essentially a tube that provides compression to the calf area.

Benefits of Compression Calf Sleeves

Compression calf sleeves are ideal for:

Preventing shin splints — Shin splints are common with runners because of the length of their workouts/training, as well as the intensity and frequency of training. Compression calf sleeves provide protection against the strain placed on the front leg muscles when running or jumping. If you frequently suffer from shin splints, sleeves would be an ideal choice to help you get back in the game much more quickly.

Those with flat feet or high arches know that your front leg muscles to work overtime providing stability. Compression sleeves can lessen the load on those muscles and even alleviate some of the pain.

Compression calf sleeves give attention to the often-ignored calf and shin areas. The sleeves can increase blood flow to injured tissue, reducing pain and inflammation.


Compression tight benefits:

Compression tights are a terrific choice for alleviating soreness in quads, glutes, and calf muscles.

They can provide support to runners who may experience IT band issues. Those who suffer from calf or foot cramps often prefer to focus on just the sleeves or socks.

Warmth — Tights can provide protection against the cold when working out outdoors. This can be beneficial for those who enjoy winter sports such as skiing.

Protection from scrapes, scratches, dirt and so on — Compression tights can give your skin a layer of protection against scrapes, scratches and even getting dirty.

Less resistance – bulkier clothing can get in the way. Some athletes even say that the gear can provide a less resistant profile.


As you can see the difference between compression tights and calf sleeves are mainly the style/design and what they will be used for.

Of course, if you have any additional questions or need help choosing what type of compression gear will benefit you the most, please ask us at ZeroPoint Compression. We are happy to help!


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