Does compression clothing help in swimming?

We have written numerous blogs on how compression gear can benefit many different sports, from baseball to basketball, football and many others. However, we have not discussed does compression clothing help in swimming?

Many of the benefits that we have outlined such as wicking properties, and keeping the skin cleaner and providing protection against scrapes and other similar injuries, may not be applicable when it comes to swimmers (more on wicking later).

So which of the many benefits does compression clothing help in swimming?

The main benefit is that the compression gear does keep the muscles in place. Additionally, the sleekness of compression can also help with less friction against the water.

Of course, wearing compression overall provides better blood circulation, and increased oxygenation. Both of these can help with gaining higher performance levels.

Here are some other benefits of compression gear and swimming:

  1. Keep muscles warm — Keeping muscles warm is especially important with swimmers as it can help fend of the possibility of cramping
  2. Faster recovery — Compression gear has been shown to improve both performance and recovery times. Because compression clothing increase circulation, the body can get rid of substances such as lactic acid build up faster. When the body eliminates lactic acid, there is a lower chance of sore muscles and tightness.
  3. Wicking — while sweating may not be an issue with most swimmers, the wicking property of compression gear can protect against rashes and chafing, which often plague swimmers

Another benefit that may or may not affect the physical performance is that you may gain a huge boost in confidence. Because compression gear looks and feels good, you’ll gain a “Look good and feel good” aspect that can be positive reinforcement for your workouts.

Tips for Compression Gear and Water Sports

As you can see, the benefits of compression gear extend to swimmers. However, there are a few things swimmers should keep in mind when caring for their gear. Because chlorinated water can break down the elasticity of compression, it is important to rinse out your gear as soon as possible in fresh water. This is also recommended if you swim in salt water.

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