Elite CrossFit Athlete, Kristine Andali on Her Road to Recovery.

Elite CrossFit Athlete, Kristine Andali on Her Road to Recovery.

CrossFit HQ listed Kristine Andali as one of the top 20 athletes to watch at the 2016 CrossFit Games. Kristine came back from a torn achilles in 2015 to being the fittest she has ever been going into the 2016 Southern California Open. After taking 3rd place in the Open [Southern California] Kristine was on track for a strong finish at Regionals. Starting off the first event she was sitting in a great place mentally, physically and in the rankings until the unthinkable happened:


After the accident frustration and confusion set in: why is this happening to me again? X-rays revealed Kristine had four tears in her right shoulder and two in her left. In hopes of avoiding surgery and recovering faster from her injury Kristine decided to look into other options and began the process of stem cell and physical therapies. After a couple of months it was apparent to Kristine she was not making the progress she’d hoped for. Ultimately she decided that the only way she would get back to the her goals of reaching the CrossFit Games would be to have bilateral surgery and work hard for a speedy recovery.

Here is her story before the surgery and a week after:



It would be an understatement to say it has been a rough road, physically AND mentally.  But as a high caliber athlete, Kristine is focused on her goals of recovery and returning to competition.  One month post-op she is staying active everyday and actively working on having a positive attitude.

Kristine will be back stronger than ever for the Open and focused on getting her shot at the 2017 CrossFit Games. It’s going to be a hard and long process but she is already impressing the industry with her latest video:


Follow Kristine on her instagram at @crossfitxena and watch her progression. We are happy to have such an amazing talent part of our team and look forward to a long future supporter her goals.

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