Everything You Need to Know About Compression Gear

There have been many blogs, articles and such written about certain aspects of compression gear. Today, we are going to provide an overview about different aspects of compression — everything from a basic look at what it is, what it is used for, and how to purchase the best compression wear online and elsewhere that will suit your needs.

What are Compression Wear/Garments?

Basically, compression garments are made with stretchy fabrics including spandex, latex, rubber, or a combination of those. Today’s compression gear comes from its past as a medical device that was usually used to combat vein disease or used after surgery to speed healing. We usually thought of compression stockings as those thick, rubbery garments that were not very attractive.

There are several medical conditions in addition to vein issues that compression can help with including:

  • Poor circulation
  • Diabetes
  • Lymphatic system issues
  • Pregnancy/maternity issues

Compression is still used for medical reasons, but now there are other new scenarios including:

Work/Leisure — Compression gear can be used for those who may need to sit or stand for long periods, such as driving or flying. In these cases, some may experience swelling in the extremities or even develop serious blood clots. Compression wear can help alleviate the swelling or pain caused by these situations, as well as help prevent clots.

Compression and Sports

Today, we are seeing more and more athletes embracing the benefits of compression. We see all sorts of professional athletes — from basketball to football to runners and everyone in between — wearing different types and styles of compression. Gone are yesterday’s mono-colored garments. We see brightly colored, tight-fitting and often, very attractive sleeves, socks, shirts and more. These compression garments are also being embraced by recreational athletes. Additionally, these new styles are being worn in place of the old medical style compression garments for those individuals using them for medical reasons.

Benefits of Compression for Sports and Athletes

There are many benefits provided by compression gear. Here’s a look at some of the main ones:

  • Keeps your muscles warm. This will help prevent muscle fatigue and strain, which in turn lowers the risks of injury.
  • Improves circulation/blood flow. The main idea of compression is to elevate blood flow return and oxygenation to the muscles. This will reduce the time it takes for muscle repair. It will also speed recovery, and relieve muscle pain and soreness.
  • Prevents/reduces muscle oscillation, which is small tears in the muscles, in conjunction with lactic acid build up. When muscle oscillation is reduced, you can work out harder and longer, with minimal pain.
  • The increase of proprioception. This is the ability to sense stimuli within your body as it pertains to position, balance, and motion. This increase can help prevent injuries because, in addition to providing support, the compression gear will let you be more aware of your body functions such as range of motion.
  • Promotes higher muscle output becomes of the supportive and elastic properties. Studies have shown that the stretch fabric can help the stretch reflex that can help with power output and higher performance levels. Other studies have shown an increase in vertical leap performance and increased lifting power in different athletes.
  • Compression can help keep other clothing in place. For example, sports such as softball/baseball have players wearing padding to protect the hips and another similar area. Compress gear can actually reduce the impact force.
  • And another great benefit that some of us truly like about compression gear is that it does act as a shaping garment, to smooth out some of those sometimes unsightly bulges and such!

As you can see there are traits that almost all compression gear offer: They are comfortable, support and keep muscles warm and more. You will find that whether you are a high-level, competitive sportsperson or just a weekend recreational, you can expect to get plenty of benefits from compression that can help your performance.

How to Choose Compression Gear Online

As you can see, there are several different occasions/sports where you might want to wear compression gear. Or maybe you simply want to wear the more attractive clothing for medical issues. If you have been told by your physician to wear compression, it is very possible that you actually received a prescription for a certain type, and these are usually available through medical outlets.

If you are choosing compression for the athletic purpose there are several things to keep in mind when finding the best type and size.

ZeroPoint Compression produces medical grade/quality garments, and as such can be used for some medical issues. You should check with your physician for the best approach to using our gear for your individual case.

For athletes, ZeroPoint has a sophisticated approach that to ensure that the correct compression levels are applied to specific muscles as to where it comes in contact with the body, and what type of athlete you are. Our compression gear was designed after undergoing research with sports labs, universities, and athletes. As a result, we have determined precise compression levels, a location of application, and finally, how it does affect muscle output and recovery.

At ZeroPoint, we have specific dimensions and sizing that will require your measuring different parts of your body to enable a precision fit to give you the best fit and performance.

You can download our sizing charts here: https://zpcompression.us/size-guide/

These charts encompass the different sizes for the different styles and types of compression gear offered.You should note that you will be basing your sizing on weight and height, not typical clothing measurements. Of course, if you need assistance, feel free to contact one of our team members at ZeroPoint Compression.


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