Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

Although the major holiday season is over, we are often on the look out for gifts for different occasions such as graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Here are some great gift ideas for the runner in your life.

GPS-based / Fitbit type watches

These great wearable technology items can track all kinds of information, such as running distance, GPS details such as getting back to a starting point and tons of statistical data. Some can even record heart rate, blood pressure and even sleep cycles.

Wall Displays for Medals

Most runners have a earned a collection of race medals and wall displays are a beautiful way to show them off. You can find all sorts of designs that are sure to fit in with just about any décor.

Bib Albums / Displays

Just like medals, many runners like to keep their race bibs, but these usually get stuffed in a drawer or a box. Bib albums are a grate way to help that runner organize and display all those great mementos. You can even get these and the medal displays personalized.


You can find armbands that can hold phones/MP3 players, keys and other small items that the runner may want to carry during training runs.

Ice Grippers

If your runner lives in colder weather climes, ice grippers are a wonderful idea. This type of gear provides traction through the use of coils that give a solid, steady grip when running on snow and ice. Most models will slip right over running shoes and won’t add any extra weight.

Hydration Belt

Long-distance runners or any other endurance athlete needs to hydrate on the run or during the work. In many cases, you may not have a water fountain every few hundred yards, so carrying your own fluids is important. Many hydration belts have pouches for food and other supplies, in addition to slots for fluid carriers.

Gift Certificates

A well-received gift for just about any runner is for a massage or spa treatment. This can be especially great after a race. You can even give certificates for spa days! You can even find cards such as the SpaFinder Wellness 365 Gift Card that lets the recipient choose the type of massage or spa service they want at a location that is convenient for them.

Compression Running Gear

Any runner who understands the benefits that compression gear brings to their workouts and recovery will truly love receiving compression wear. You can find just about any style and type of compression from full body suits to simple socks and sleeves that will fit the needs of your favorite runner.

At ZeroPoint Compression, we can help you find the best compression gift ideas for the runner in your life. We are just a call away!


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