How Long Do You Really Need to Work Out?

You may be trying to settle into a regular exercise/fitness routine; and try as you may, some days you just aren’t able to get out and run or to the gym. So, you may be asking just how long do you really need to work out to hit your target goals.

Here’s a bit of information about how to determine just what your “optimal” work out time.

Just Home Much Exercise Do You Need Every Day?

The American Heart Association indicates that the standard to keep you healthy is 150 minutes each week of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. OK, so after doing the math, that comes out to approximately 30 to 50 minutes of steady, moderate exercise three to five days each week; or approximately 25 minutes of high-intensity workout time for three days a week.

So there’s your basic guideline. But what if you want to build muscle or lose weight.

Option one is to increase the frequency and duration of your workouts. While it’s not required to spend hours upon hours in pursuit of that leaner, more defined physique, you need to keep in mind that the shorter your workouts, the more intense they need to be.

Your present level of fitness is also a factor in figuring out your workout duration and intensity. If your 100 pounds overweight, you should probably start of spending 50 minutes per day exercising because your body can probably only handle a moderate level of exercise. Alternatively, if you’re an athlete, a 20-minute, very high-intensity workout will be easy.

Each person and body is different and your level of fitness will determine how long and how hard you can work out. If a workout leaves you exhausted and completely spent, you might have overdone it. On the other hand, if you felt challenged and yet were left energized, you actually nailed this session.

So, now we understand the “optimal” time for a workout; however, many people as “What if I find I only have 10 minutes today?” A proper workout can be achieved in this time if you are prepared to push yourself, along with being in shape to handle the increased intensity.

This 10-minute workout can be brutal, but will be effective in the limited time period. You will be reducing your workout time, but increasing intensity and density.  Interestingly, some people find that it can be easier to commit to a 10-minute high-intensity workout than to an hour-long medium level one.

And, if you want to get additional benefits from your workout, you should consider wearing compression gear. Check out one of our recent blogs, “The Benefits of Wearing Compression Gear to the Gym”. ( It includes tons of great information about the benefits of compression gear during and after your workouts.

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