Influence of Compression Garments on Recovery After Marathon Running

Many ask if there are any scientific studies or research that can substantiate the benefits of compression. There have been many studies done and in today’s blog, we will examine the findings from a study that was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning. The study title “Influence of Compression Garments on Recovery After Marathon Running” poses some very interesting perspectives and numbers.

At the time of the study in 2014, this research was considered to be the first investigation/study to examine how compression wear may accelerate recovery with endurance runners. The study hypothesis was that compression gear worn on the lower limbs could lower the recovery time after a marathon.

Study Methods

Study subjects completed a 26.2 mile run in an outside venue. Prior to their runs, which were selected from three different dates, subjects completed a submaximal lactate profile and a treadmill test to establish baseline date and overall physiology of the study subjects.

Study Subjects and Participants

Study subjects were 24 recreational marathon runners (7 females, 17 males), who were all volunteers. The participants were asked to avoid heavy exercise 48 hours before the scheduled marathon run. They were also asked to refrain from any usual recovery activities such as anti-inflammatory drugs, massage, water therapy, along with avoiding alcohol consumption for the entirety of the study period.

Main Findings

The results of the study found that the use of lower limb compression gear could reduce muscle soreness 24 hours after marathon completion. These findings were in line with other studies that showed the use of compression could reduce perceived soreness after exercise.

An interesting point that came out of the study was to address the question whether commercially available compression garments could not exert enough pressure to be beneficial. Interestingly, the study suggested that high-pressure compression (23-32 mm Hg) may not actually be as effective as lower pressure garments.

There were several other findings that resulted from this study, which you can read in its entirety here (

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