All About Knee Compression Wear

All About Knee Compression Wear

Many athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts say that knee problems are a major issue — whether dealing with a current injury or trying to prevent one. Injuries to the knee can include torn cartilage, and blown ACLs, PCLs, MCLS, which can sideline you for a long time, or even take you out of the game permanently.

Many think that putting on that hard brace during a game or workout is the solution to preventing knee injuries. Unfortunately, these types of braces can limit mobility and can prevent the knee from growing stronger. Knee compression gear or knee sleeves can offer solutions and benefits that a brace may not.

Just Exactly What Are Knee Sleeves?

Knee sleeves can be made of different materials including neoprene, Spandex and/or Latex. They usually just slide over the knee. In addition to limiting the movement of the patella, sleeves can add warmth and increase proprioception or your individual ability to sense the position of your joint. In other words, in addition to providing physical support, it can also help you mentally be focusing your attention on where your knee is and how it is moving.

You should also understand that sleeves are very different from braces. Knee sleeves are different in many different ways including:

  • Sleeves do provide some support but do not hamper a range of motion or immobilize the knee
  • While not designed for any after surgery support, the knee sleeve can prove to be beneficial in preventing injury or eliminate additional damage.

Benefits of Knee Compression

There are many benefits of wearing knee sleeves. The benefits are particularly important to those who exercise their knees every day through activities including jumping, weightlifting and running.

Knee compression can increase circulation to the area. This gear can also reduce possible pain during and after a workout. These sleeves can also prevent or alleviate any possible post-workout swelling.

The main difference between a brace and a sleeve is that a brace protects the patella and anterior knee, while the sleeve doesn’t give such ligament support. Those with unstable knees should not consider knee sleeves as preventative. However, the material that makes up knee sleeves make them an excellent option post-injury in cases where there needs to be some support to allow natural healing.

Interestingly, knee compression wear doesn’t need to be worn at all times. Most of the benefits come from wear during workouts. Knee sleeves are especially beneficial to those who are running, jumping or doing knee-centric activities such as weightlifting—especially squats, the snatch or other similar movements.

If you want more information about knee compression wear or any other compression wear, we encourage you to get in contact with us at ZeroPoint Compression. We will help you find the very best compression to help you enhance your participation in your chosen sport or athletic activity.



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