Knee Sleeves for Squatting and Their Benefits

If you participate in sports such as powerlifting or any sort of activity or sport that requires you to do repetitive squats or squats with added weight, you probably know that you are adding stress to your knees.

Injuries to the knee can include blown ACLs, PCLs, and/or torn cartilage. So you are probably wondering if compression knee sleeves for squatting can help prevent these types of injuries, which can waylay you and your activities for long periods of times.

You probably know that these types of injuries can even take you out of the game permanently so you want to protect those knees as much as possible.

Often, we see people wearing a hard knee brace as a solution. However, in some cases, these types of braces can actually limit the mobility of the knee or even prevent the knees from becoming stronger. Knee sleeves for squatting activities can offer certain benefits not provided by hard braces, which are usually used after an injury.

What Are Knee Sleeves?

Knee sleeves are pretty much what the name says: A sleeve that wraps the knee in stretchy materials that can include neoprene, Spandex or Latex.

The benefits of knee sleeves include

  • Limiting the movement of the patella/knee cap
  • Physical support
  • Add warmth
  • Increase proprioception (you ability to sense the true position of the limb/joint)
  • Add additional focus to proper movements/techniques

Differences Between a Sleeve and a Brace

As we previously stated, braces and sleeves are different. Difference include:

  • Sleeves do provide support; but will not reduce or hamper range of motions
  • Sleeves do not immobilize the knee’s movement
  • Braces are designed for post-surgery support
  • Sleeves can help prevent injuries or additional damage

The main difference is that a brace will protect the patella and anterior knee. If you have been diagnosed or experience unstable knees, you may not benefit from sleeves as they do not provide much ligament support. They will however, provide support in some post-injury cases and can lead to more natural healing processes.

Additional Benefits of Knee Sleeves

Benefits of wearing knee sleeves can be especially important to those who perform exercises or tasks that require movement of the knees — including jumping, weightlift, running, and squats.

Knee sleeves can increase circulation that can lead to less pain during and after a workout. Sleeves can also prevent or alleviate post workout swelling.

When Should I Wear Knee Compression

If you are wearing knee sleeves for squatting or other similar exercises, the most benefit comes from wearing sleeves during workouts. Wearing them all day is not necessary, although wearing them for a time post-workout can help in recovery.

If you want to know more about knee compression sleeves or any other compression wear, please contact one of our knowledgeable team members at ZeroPoint Compression. We will guide you selecting the best compression for your individual situation.


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