Compression is Making Its Way Into Muscle Recovery Clothing

Compression garments are becoming increasingly popular among athletes and recreational gym-goers for many reasons such as comfort, looks, or an even a psycho-physiological function. No matter why you may wear compression garments, it’s important to look at the ability of these clothing choices to increase recovery and improve performance. However, you may not know that compression garments are becoming used as muscle recovery clothing.

What Do Compression Garments Do?

Research has pointed out that compression garments are beneficial in:

  • Improving joint awareness
  • Improving blood flow
  • Removing waste products from the body
  • Reduce muscle oscillations
  • Reduce swelling
  • Decrease soreness after exercise

Compression gear delivers different, yet specific, levels of pressure to the limb or body area (in the case of shorts, shirts). This pressure is applied whether the area is injured or not. So wearing compression garments can increase the intensity at which you can perform your workout.

Compression garments work by increasing the blood flow to the muscles, along with the benefit of keeping the muscles in the proper place. Also, compression garments can be used to stay warm during colder workouts. This can prevent injuries due to straining the muscles when they are not warmed up.

For general workout recovery, the compression garments can also relieve the swelling and/or inflammation that can occur with a particularly rigorous workout.

Other Recovery Benefits

Muscle recovery clothing can also speed recovery. For instance, should you be suffering from a twisted ankle or knee, compression gear can help by keeping stress away from the surrounding muscles to promote healing.

In some studies, compression garments have been suggested for wear for at least an hour after finishing your workout. The increased circulation benefit increases the elimination of lactic acid and other similar waste from the body to allow for a faster bounce back and muscle healing.

While it may not be recovered, many gym goers, along with athletes indicate that exercising and working out can feel easier when wearing compression garments. While you may not actually be getting any extra strength, you will certainly feel like you are. This is because compression wear can let your muscles get warm even before you start your routine because of the increase in circulation. The added pressure that removes things that can impede a workout such as swelling and that pesky lactic acid.

Finally, while not athletic recovery, compression garments are often prescribed to patients after some surgeries to enable faster healing. These surgeries including any that may have affected the circulatory system or those that may reduce the ability to work. The benefit of improved circulation allows patients to keep their blood flowing to any wounds or muscles that need healing, as well as keeping blood flowing properly to and from the heart and lungs.

The professionals at Zero Point Compression can give you more advice on the lines of muscle recovery clothing offered by the company and which ones will provide the most benefit to you


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