Mountain Sports Club

We are excited and proud to be a partner with the Mountain Sports Club members.

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Make your base layers and socks work harder.

ZeroPoint Compression is an industry leader in high performance medical grade graduated compression and precision fit socks, sleeves, tights and tops. These products benefit everyone from elite athletes to people with circulation issues caused by conditions like diabetes. They are also fantastic for extended sitting from long travel, work or for people who just need to sit. We generally have much higher blood pressure in our arteries, much lower pressure in the veins. Our bodies are challenged to move blood from our extremities back to the heart. High-end compression wear aids the venous valves in moving blood from the extremities to the heart, providing better circulation. They also aid the lymph system creating better cleansing of metabolic waste. They aid in recovery, the prevention of clots and injury prevention. They are also warmer for cold weather activities than traditional base layers and socks, again due to better circulation. Don’t just settle for insulation and wicking in your base layers and socks, get the better circulation as well. ZeroPoint Compression wear products are so sophisticated they are registered with the FDA as medical devices.

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