Noora Kuusivuori

Noora Kuusivuori

Elite fitness model and entrepreneur, Noora Kuusivuori used Zero Point’s Medical Grade Graduated compression throughout her pregnancy and results speak for themselves.

Vikings come in all shapes and sizes, evidently. born with a healthy appetite for competition, Noora served on both the national women’s swimming and baseball teams in her native Finland before spinning heads stateside in figure competitions across the country and now in the fitness modeling industry. You can find her in and on the covers of magazines like Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Oxygen Magazines Glutes Special, Planet Muscle, BODY, BFW, Fitness X and the list continues to grow as well as modeling for companies like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and being the face of Muscle Pharm supplements

“There were many benefits of using medical grade compression gear during pregnancy. The biggest one is increased blood flow especially to the lower body where the circulation is compromised during pregnancy with the weight of the uterus pressing on the veins leading to your legs. Compression gear also reduces swelling and helps flush out waste product from the lymphatic system and water that tends to pool in your limbs during pregnancy. Compression gear improves your workouts by speeding up recovery and the increased circulation just makes you feel lighter and capable of doing anything. The big picture for me personally was staying healthy during pregnancy and being able to train right up until labor. Working out thru out pregnancy makes you feel great, is healthy for the baby and made labor a breeze for me. I also had a major circulatory issue during pregnancy with very limited blood flow to my right leg and being able to stay active helped ease the pain and mentally kept me in good moods which is important as you go thru the changes in your body. I use compression gear for training and recovery, both make a difference in how I feel. The best advice that I could give to someone is to try it for yourself and you’ll feel the difference.”

What is Medical Grade Graduated Compression?

During exercise, it is common for legs to swell up and feel heavy. This is the result of the excess load on venous valves that carry blood to the heart.  Compression products keep the valves closed and allow better blood flow to the heart. The products increase pressure in the tissue, enhancing blood and lymph circulation.

This allows the strongest compression around the ankle, knee, wrist  or bicep and it decreases the compression gradually back to the to the body. The elasticity and compression levels are always designed for a specific use.

Zero Point was founded in 2009 with the goal to help active people achieve their true potential by producing elite level of high-performance products.  They are among only a select number of companies in the world that are designing their products with medical grade graduated compression. This product not only helps athletes in performance but also with recovery and injury prevention.

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