Dusty Hyland

Sport: CrossFit
coach and athlete

Dusty is the co-owner and head gymnastics coach of DogTown CrossFit in Culver City, California. By the age of seven, he had started an active athletic regimen that has continued throughout his life.  By sixteen, Dusty competed at the Junior Olympic National Championships and trained with the U.S. Olympic Team. In college, he competed in NCAA Division I men’s gymnastics and scored a NCAA record perfect 10 on the still rings. In the  last few years he has worked with Lindsey Valenzuela, Kenneth Leverich, Noah Ohlsen, Ruth Anderson Horrell, Tommy Hackenbruck and the UTE CrossFit Team.

What I’ve seen out of ZeroPoint compression is that its taken recovery a step further for us. One, Its medical grade, two its graduated, meaning it helps blood flow throughout the body and three it really helps with recovery by flushing out sore muscles in the lymphatic system.



Coached Noah Olsen to 1st place at Regionals in 2014 & 2015 Atlantic Region

Coached Collen Fotsch to 6th place California Regionals 2016

Coached Kristine Andali to 3rd place at the SoCal Open 2016

Coached Keston Mendoza to 4th place at the SoCal Open 2016

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