Jonne Koski

Sport: CrossFit

Jonne is one of the rising stars of CrossFit. Koski is just 21 years old and has already won two Regionals. Koski won the Meridian Regionals 2015 by 27 points and was able to win 4/7 events. Koski started his Regionals with world-wide event record on “Randy”. Koski has also participated twice in the CrossFit Games, in year 2014 he was 32nd and on 2015 he finished in the top 10 being 9th. Koski started his Games by winning the first event in year 2015.

“I’ve used ZeroPoint compression products from December 2014 and have found them really good for both recovery and during exercises. They also protect shins when doing rope climbs, deadlifts and stuff like that. My personal favorites are the Power Compression Shorts and striped Intense socks.

I count on these products when training hard in order to be ready for the CrossFit Games 2016.”

Biggest achievements:
Helsinki Showdown Champion 2015
CrossFit Regionals Champion: 2014 (Europe) & 2015 (Meridian)
CrossFit Games: 32nd (2014), 9th (2015)

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