Kristine Andali

Sport: CrossFit

Kristine is a well-rounded athlete from Port Edward, Ontario in Canada. She started her fitness career in local parks and tracks until she opened  her own gym, CrossFit WAF with her family. She narrowly missed qualifying for the 2014 Games but has finished three times in the top 25 of the worldwide CrossFit Open competition. She skipped the draft for GRID and was picked up by the Philadelphia Founders in 2014 and missed 2015 with on Achilles injury but was picked by the DC Brawlers for 2016. Unfortunately, injuries plagued her again at California Regionals with tears to her shoulder. She is healthy again and back to the grind focusing on 2017 SoCal Open.

“Because a lot of compression gear hasn’t worked for me in the past I stopped wearing it. Since I started wearing ZeroPoint calf sleeves and I felt amazing with no soreness. This stuff is just perfect, I love it”


3rd CrossFit Games SoCal Open California 2016

3rd Canadian East Regional 2014

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