Difference between short sleeves and Compression shirts

A Look at the Difference Between Short Sleeves and Compression Shirts

At just about any gym or recreation facility, you’ll see people wearing all sorts of compression gear — everything from pants and tights to sleeves and shirts. You’ve probably seen a lot of professional athletes wearing them on the field as well.

You may also be considering trying out some compression wear yourself. You may have a ton of questions, as well as just wondering if they are effective and comfortable. One main question we have heard is, is there a difference between short sleeves and compression shirts.

What a great question! A lot of people ask what the difference is between compression and regular gym/athletic wear. Take a look at the facts surrounding compression shirts, and of course, our team at ZeroPoint Compression can answer any additional questions.

Faster Recovery

One of the main benefits of compression gear is a faster recovery after a workout or even an injury. Compression wear provides for faster recover through improved circulation and stabilization of your muscles — both of which can speed recovery. Additionally, compression shirts can provide support to your arms and chest that can help with any workout that targets the upper body.

Temperature Regulation and Breathability

Compression shorts can help regulate your body temperature. Compression can eliminate chills that you may experience before warming up — especially in cooler climes. Advanced compression wear can help regulate your temperature, especially when you start sweating.


Compression shirts can often prove to be more comfortable than a regular short sleeve shirt. Because compression wear fits tightly against your body, it is less likely to bunch up, tear or cause chafing, and as we know all of those things can make a workout extremely uncomfortable!

Compression shirts can help eliminate those irritants. You do want to choose a gear that is constructed of quality materials, such as those from ZeroPoint. You definitely do not want to choose materials that can actually cause irritation, so look at the materials before you purchase your first compression shirt.

Price Comparison

While you may say that compression shirts are more expensive than regular short sleeve shirts, the fact that they can enhance your workouts or increase your performance level, something short sleeves usually cannot do, make compression gear a wise investment. Think of this investment as helping your overall workout performance and well being!

At ZeroPoint Compression, our entire team is knowledgeable about all things compression. If you have more questions about the difference between short sleeves and compression shirts or any other type of compression, feel free to ask a friendly team member at ZeroPoint! We want to ensure you find the best compression gear for you!


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