Can a Sports Compression Suit Benefit Your Performance?

There has been increasing popularity in the use of compression gear among athletes, whether they be professional or just the recreational one. You may be wondering what all the hub-bub is about and whether sports compression suit and gear is more than just brightly colored wear that “squeeze” certain parts of the body.

Professional athletes were perhaps the first to embrace compression gear as a performance enhancing tool. Previously compression garments were used in the medical field for different situations including helping reduce the appearance and symptoms of vein issues, such as varicose veins, and as an aid in helping heal after surgery.

Now you see all sorts of athletes wearing compression sleeves, leggings, socks and shirts. So why should you consider wearing compression?

The first benefit of compression is that increases blood circulation levels. When your blood is being returned to your heart more efficiently, your oxygen levels will rise as well. This will usually enhance your performance.

Think of it this way: compression gear acts as a muscle pump, allowing better circulation. If your body for whatever reason isn’t pumping blood efficiently, compression clothing can essentially provide assistance in pumping the blood to the heart.

Another benefit of the circulation increase of compression is that it will also move fluid and waste out of the body. This is a benefit to recovery as it can help the body get rid of lactic acid that can cause soreness after a workout.

And this is where the sports compression suit can really shine. Because a full suit of compression will cover most of the body, you may not feel as much soreness post-workout. Some studies have also shown that wearing compression during and after sports or workouts can also lower the possibility of muscle damage.

Some athletes have actually said they are sleeping in their compression gear to push their recovery even further. In fact, some compression studies have shown that wearing compression suits for 24 hours can:

  • Reduce fatigue levels
  • Reduce muscle fatigue/damage
  • Reduce muscle soreness by up to 50%
  • Increase power in some exercises such as weightlifting

Is Compression for You?

While we have seen that compression gear is gaining in popularity because so many professional athletes are seen wearing it, you may or may not want to embrace the full sports compression suit. You may only need a sleeve or socks, depending on your sport. Also, the intensity of your workout can also define the type of compression gear you might benefit from.

If you want to know more about the best sports compression suit for you, the professional staff at ZeroPoint Compression can help you. Just give us a call or browse our website. We want to help you find the best gear for your individual sport!


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