The Benefits of Exercise Compression Clothing and Gear

In today’s modern world, many of us are near fanatics about fitness and exercise, along with an overall healthy outlook. We want to know everything about what we are eating and how we are treating our physical bodies.

So do you ever wonder about what you are putting “on” your body? Sure you probably have the very best running shoes or wicking shirt, but what do you know about how the advancing technology of exercise compression clothing and gear can help enhance your physical performance?

Just What is “Compression” Gear / Clothing

You may have heard the term compression clothing being discussed. It’s currently an umbrella term of clothing that can sometimes include some “over-the-top” colors and styles. However, it is important to be aware that true compression clothing does serve a purpose and offers many benefits.

The purpose of compression clothing is to help increase blood circulation and lymphatic fluid flow to limbs. This type of clothing is purported to improve performance, along with improving recovery times, when worn post-workout.

Compression gear got its start among runners and triathletes and studies have show that when wearing compression garments there is an increase in oxygen intake to the muscles, blood lactate levels are reduced and warm up routines are improved. Compression clothing can also keep you warm and dry. And in the majority of cases they look great!

Top Benefits of Exercise Compression Gear

Let’s delve a little deeper into some of the benefits of compression gear and sports.

  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue — Performance levels are increased because compression wear can help reduce fatigue and soreness, both during and after workouts
  • Strain/ Injury Prevention — Compression can help reduce your risk of strains because they keep your muscles in the proper position.
  • Improves Perception of Exertion — If you train in extreme or endurance sports, you know it’s a benefit of having a perception that you are experiencing a more effortless workout. Compression gear has been shown to improve this perceived exertion.
  • Lowers Risk of Soreness — Sore muscles after a workout can be brutal. Compression gear can help by reducing and/or delaying muscles soreness.
  • Increased Power — Compression gear has been shown in some studies to help with increased power and jumping ability.
  • High Oxygen Levels to the Muscles — Muscles need oxygen for performance. Compression gear increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles, which can help increase athletic performance.

Which Gear Works Best

Every individual athlete or recreational sportsperson has different needs, styles of training, and individual expectations. You might just need a compression sock to help your legs feel better during a run, or perhaps you want compression shorts to help with overall lower extremity performance / increased circulation.

The professionals at ZeroPoint Compression are knowledgeable in all areas of compression gear. They can help you find the best gear for your particular sport. And we can even help you find a favourite color and style!


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