The Benefits of Wearing Compression Gear to the Gym

Compression gear has a long history. These types of garments had their beginning as a medical device that was designed to prevent, as well as slow the progression of vein diseases such as varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. These medical garments were used to help increase blood flow and circulation as well as to relieve the pressure within the veins. But it is popular now because there are many benefits of wearing compression gear for a human body.

These garments have also been used to alleviate symptoms of:

  • Lymphedema
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Other circulatory medical conditions

Today’s athletic compression gear developed from this medical background are now being worn by athletes, both professional and amateur to help with their sports performance. Here’s a look at the benefits of wearing compression gear to the gym:

Main Benefits of Wearing Compression Gear

Reduces Muscle Fatigue

When you wear compression gear during a workout, you will probably experience less muscle fatigue and soreness. Many people who wear compression indicate that they have less fatigue and muscles soreness both before AND after a workout. This means you can often work out longer and at better performance levels when you are at the gym.

Prevents Strains

Compression garments can help prevent muscles strains and sprains. This is because the pressure that is applied by the garments keeps your muscles in the correct positions. If you are particularly prone to strains, compression gear can often help you prevent them. Additionally, these garments can help strain recovery.

Lowers Muscles Soreness

After training in the gym, we often experience muscles soreness. Compression gear can actually help relieve this soreness. Compression gear, because it increases circulation also helps the body get rid of lactic acid in the muscles. This is the substance that causes the muscles to become sore, so getting rid of it as fast as possible through your metabolism will prevent muscle soreness.

Better Oxygenation

As you know, your muscles require oxygen to function well during any type of workout. Compression garments increase blood circulation to the heart and lungs, which provides the oxygen levels in the blood. Because your blood will have more oxygen and even better blood flow to the tissues, your performance levels will be accentuated.


Compression gear can also help keep you comfortable during your workout. Compression garments can help keep you warmer or cooler, depending upon the type. It can also help prevent chafing and friction. This can help keep your mind on your workout rather than whether you will be getting a post-workout rash or irritation.

Finally, in addition to all these benefits, you may actually like the way compression wear makes you look and feel. Many wearers report feeling sleeker and more trim when wearing this type of exercise gear. The benefits of wearing compression gear to the gym are many and all of them will help you have a more beneficial, safer workout!

If you have questions about which type of compression gear will benefit you the most in your individual sport, please give us a call at ZeroPoint Compression.





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