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Many of us love to recreate in the great outdoors and this often means working out and playing sports in cooler weather. And this brings us to several questions about wearing compression tights for a cooler climate. We’ll also talk about wearing other compression gear during the cooler months and environments.

Compression garments and gear are designed with a special technology that will help keep your body at its optimal temperature. This is important if you have a tough training schedule, especially in colder temperatures.

What Are the Best (Warmest) Styles for Cold Weather?

Generally, compression tights for cooler climates are some of the best choices you can make. Compression tights actually “compress” the body, which in turn keeps the muscles warm. Additionally, they will also prevent strains and pulls, which can happen more easily in colder weather.

Compression tights can also help avoid that pesky chafing due to the fact that the fabric fits tightly and thus, prevents that rubbing as you run or exercise.

What Type of Compression Works Best Under Pants?

The answer is actually more of an opinion and preference to your individual style and requirements. Most people consider knee high sock the best to pair when wearing pants; however, some may find a thigh-high or full stockings the best.

Can Compression Socks Be Worn With Compression Leggings?

Actually, one of the best things about compression gear is that it can be used as a layer, which is advisable in the colder months. For some athletes having that form-fitting layer underneath a tracksuit, for example, will help keep the body warm. However, this extra layer of compression will not restrict any movements and will let you have a free range of motion.

What Else Can Compression Help With?

In addition to keeping you warm, compression gear offers many other benefits. As we mentioned, it can help prevent injuries such as strains and pulls by keeping the muscles in place. It can also help speed up the recovery process. Because one of the main things compression does is accentuate circulation, compression gear can help eliminate lactate build up in the muscles.

Compression gear can also help with swelling and inflammation by again, compressing the muscles.

Finally, compression sportswear has been designed to increase blood to the muscles. Because of this increased blood flow, your muscles and body will receive more oxygen which can enhance your overall performance and recovery.

As you can see, compression gear can be a year-round benefit. At ZeroPoint, we are constantly working with athletes to enhance the benefits of our products. Compression tights for cooler climates have been a priority, and we work closely with ski racers and instructors to ensure that our products provide added benefits

If you want to know more about cooler weather compression gear, or just have general questions about what type of clothing will work best for you, we invite you to give us a call and we will help you find the very best compression for you!



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