Varicose Veins During Pregnancy and Benefits of Compression Gear by Noora Kuusivori.


No matter how easy your pregnancy is, the blood circulation in your body changes. Your body adds 50% more fluids during pregnancy so some water retention is inevitable. In my recent pregnancy, I dealt with an issue that I never imagined being a side effect of pregnancy or something that I would deal with as a fit person; varicose veins. Around 4 months into the pregnancy, I started to feel pressure in my right groin and it turned out to be the growing uterus pressing on the veins and arteries leading to my right leg. The bigger the baby got, the worse the leg felt and looked. I could feel so much pressure building up that I was scared what would happen since the blood was just not getting past that area like it should’ve. Occasionally, I felt a huge rush like the blood had pooled and was forced thru due to built up pressure. The entire leg was numb and tingled at times. I also lost a lot of strength in the right leg due to the lack of blood flow. Pretty scary. Besides those things, the leg was covered in varicose veins and spider veins so it looked pretty scary as well. The only thing that helped that leg feel better during the pregnancy was Zeropoint compression gear, the tights and knee high socks. Putting the tights on felt like instant relief. I can always feel the impact of the ZP compression gear but I could really feel a huge difference during that time. The socks increased circulation and got fluids moving like nothing else could. 


As a fitness model and figure competitor, appearance matters. During my pregnancy I fully embraced the growing belly but I was not so happy about the thought of having the varicose veins cover my leg permanently. Immediately after giving birth, I started doing what I knew I could do to help. I started walking and doing cardio before I was cleared to exercise, then home gym workouts and I am back to running and heavier training now so the weight has naturally fallen off. I also knew that increasing the circulation and flushing out lymphatic fluid with ZP graduated compression would help my chances of getting that leg to recover so I’ve worn it even more post partum. Below is a picture of my right leg at 9 months pregnant and now 3 months post partum so you can see the difference is significant. I am still catching up on strength on that leg but I will get there and I will feel great while putting in the work in Zeropoint gear. Thank you ZP for helping make a difference!

Before and After:




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