Ways to Wear Compression Clothing Outside the Gym

If you are thinking about purchasing compression wear, you might have a few questions including:

  • Why is compression gear pricey?
  • Does it make my backside look big?
  • Do I want it or do I need it?

Luckily, we can help you with the answers to those questions, and while we know most compression gear is worn as workout clothing, we will also discuss ways to wear compression clothing outside the gym.

First, yes, we compression gear can be a bit more expensive than regular workout clothing. That’s due to the technology and science that are behind them. So, the snug fit can be flattering, and if you are a serious athlete, the technology is a need.

First off, you are probably thinking compression looks just like regular leggings and other workout wear. However, you should know that they may look the same, but they provide all sorts of benefits such as:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • The pressure keeps muscles in their proper place
  • Muscle vibrations are reduced, especially if you perform explosive muscle movements
  • Can reduce the risk of strains, sprains and tears
  • Lessens muscle recovery time

Now, let’s look at some of the times you might want to wear compression gear outside of the gym:

No. 1 — Pre-Workout

When you wear compression, you can warm up quicker. The pressure applied by compression increases your circulation, which will let you warm up faster.

No. 2 — Recovery and Better Sleep

Some of us experience post-work out feelings such as our legs feeling like jelly. You can try sleeping in compression tights, sleeves or socks. The added pressure helps speed up the lactates in your blood, allowing for faster muscle recover. You can also reduce the feelings of “heavy legs”.

No. 3 — Water Sports

Many don’t think of compression gear being compatible with water sports. However the high-tech fabrics and moisture management systems provides many benefits to enthusiasts of sports such as stand-up paddle boarding or SUP yoga. Compression gear materials are also a great help in preventing rubbing and chafing.

No. 4 — Travel

When you fly, drive or other modes of travel, you know that you may be sitting for long periods of time in cramped spaces that won’t allow much movement. As you are probably aware, this inactivity can create a higher potential for the occurrence of blood clots in your legs, which can be dangerous. When you wear compression tights, socks or leggings, your circulation will be increased, thus lowering blood clot potential. Also, wearing compression can alleviate leg and ankle swelling which is so common.

At ZeroPoint Compression, we know that many people really do want to have information about ways to wear compression clothing outside the gym. It may be for the above-mentioned reasons, or just because these pieces are just attractive.

Whether you want compression gear for a specific sport or just to wear for the benefits such as better circulation, we are here to help you find the best pieces and fit for you!


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