What Are the Common Misconceptions About Compression Wear?

As you have been investigating compression gear, you may be wondering what are the common misconceptions about compression wear.

There are several common “myths” about compression and in today’s blog post, we are going to debunk many of them, and hopefully give you a more informed look at the benefits of compression gear.

Myth 1 – Compression is used only for people with medical issues or injuries, and not really for sports.

While compression does have its origins within the medical world due to its ability to increase circulation, those very attributes are not being used to benefit athletes. In addition to better blood circulation, compression can help athletes with _____

Myth 2 – Compression gear is only for professional athletes.

Compression gear provides the same benefits whether you are a pro or a beginner. These benefits include, increased blood circulation/oxygenation, limiting muscle vibrations, reducing the possibility of strains/tears and such, delays muscle fatigue and speeds up the recovery process.

Myth 3 – Muscles actually get weaker because compression deactivates them.

When wearing compression gear, you are supporting the muscles, not “deactivating” them. This muscle support will in actually help your performance, and achieving more precise movements.

Myth 4 – It is dangerous to wear compression too long.

It is not dangerous to wear compression for extended periods of time; however,  the benefits are more beneficial when working out. Alternatively, those who do have sedentary jobs — those standing or sitting for extended periods, compression can help prevent dangerous issues such as blood clots.

Myth 5 – Wearing compression in warm weather is uncomfortable.

Compression products from ZeroPoint are made with light, breathable materials that can help keep you cooler or warmer depending upon the conditions.

Myth 6 – Compression can’t be used for all sports.

Compression gear increases circulation , reduces vibration, reduces risk of injury and many other benefits; therefore, compression gear can be used for every sport — from running to cycling to swimming, from football to basketball and more.

Myth 7 – There are no studies that prove the benefits of compression.

There have been many studies performed concerning the effects of compression wear. There are several studies supporting the individual effects of compression wear, including some that we have outlined in our blog series:


There will certainly be more research done on the topic of compression gear, especially as the popularity of compression in sports continues to increase.

Please contact us at ZeroPoint Compression if you have any additional questions about what are the common misconceptions about compression wear.

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