What Gear Do You Need for Ice Hockey?

If you have decided to take up hockey as your new sport of choice, you might be interested in what gear you need for ice hockey.

Helmet — This is obviously very important as it protects your head. You will be falling down so it is very important to have that important head protection. While you are not required to wear facial protection, you should add either a visor or full cage to protect your face.

Hockey Pants — These specialized pants will protect your knees up to the lower back. It is important that you get a proper fit so as to provide the best protection, as well as letting you look your best.

Shin Pads — These obviously provide protection to the shin area. Again, the proper fit is important, especially for that spot between the skate and the pads that are commonly hit.

Skates — This is a very important part of your gear, so you should buy the best skates you can. You want them to be sturdy, and comfortable. Cheaper skates may not provide as much support and can hinder your performance on the ice.

Hockey Stick — Your hockey stick is going to be your friend on the ice. Most new hockey players don’t need to spend a tremendous amount of money on their first stick. Get to know your playing style and work up as you advance.

Gloves — Choose gloves that are flexible and comfortable, as well as capable of protecting your hands from hacks and slashes.

Elbow Pads — Again, these are important for preventing injuries when you fall, which you will. You definitely don’t want your elbows taking the full weight of your fall. Also, elbow pads can help you get up easier after those falls.

Other items you’ll need include a jock, mouth guard and a practice jersey

Now that we’ve covered the basics for what you need to play hockey, let’s take a look at what you should wear underneath all the protective gear.

Compression Gear for Hockey

While what you wear underneath your uniform might be a personal preference, we suggest that compression garments can be especially beneficial.

These garments fit snuggly against your body and then provide a great benefit of wicking away the sweat from your body. Most compression gear is slick and will allow your equipment to move freely for maximum maneuverability.

You can also find compression tops that feature a mock turtleneck, which can provide protection against the cold. You may also want to consider wearing compression bottoms and socks. Together, all of these compression garments can help your game as well as helping your muscles stay warm. And finally, compression wear can help speed up your after-game recovery.

Now that you’ve looked at the basic list of what gear do you need for ice hockey, you can go out and get all the equipment so you can start enjoying this very exciting sport! And of course, if you have any questions about compression gear, just contact us at ZeroPoint Compression!

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