Why do NBA players wear compression tights under their shorts?

If you are an NBA fan, you may be wondering why NBA players wear compression tights under their shorts? There are many different reasons that individual players may wear compression gear. In addition to shorts, you will see players wearing socks, sleeves and even shirts in addition to their NBA uniforms.

Let’s take a look at the benefits provided to basketball players from compression gear.

  • Higher levels of Oxygen to the Muscles — Because muscles need oxygen for higher performance and compression wear increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles.
  • Lowers Potential Soreness — Compression wear can help reduce and/or delay muscle soreness after workouts or games
  • Reduces Muscle FatigueCompression wear helps reduce fatigue and soreness, both during and after workouts to increase overall performance
  • Prevents Strain/ Injury— Because muscles will stay in their correct position, compression gear will reduce the risk of pulls and strains.
  • Increased Power — Some studies have shown that compression gear can help with increased power and jumping ability.
  • Wicking — The garment can “wick” sweat away from the body through evaporation, which is beneficial for different reasons including letting the garment last longer, reduces the time it takes for it to become “smelling”, and a general cooling aspect.
  • Additional protection — Compression gear such as sleeves can provide extra protection against physical contact that occurs during games. These injuries can include scratches, scrapes and bruising.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is faster recovery. Due to increased blood circulation, your body will eliminate substances such as lactic acid that lead to soreness much faster, and in turn reducing your recovery time. You will be able to feel fewer muscles soreness and potential cramps.

As you can see, the overall benefits of compression gear, including tights for NBA players can apply to just about every sport or recreational activity.

There are other benefits, which can be applied to those of you who may not be professional athletes.

Confidence Booster — Because compression gear is very attractive and can even make you look sleeker, you will feel good AND look good! The feeling of looking good is a huge confidence booster, so you may even get a performance boost. And because you look and feel good, it’s likely you will want to work out and practice more, which of course, will elevate your game.

So now you have a basic idea as to why do NBA players wear compression tights under their shorts, along with the other benefits of compression gear. Now, you may be wondering which gear is going to provide you with the most benefits. Just contact us at ZeroPoint and we will assist you in finding the very best gear for your sport or activity!

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