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A Look at Basketball Compression Clothing

We are starting the basketball playoff season and if you are a fan you are probably seeing your favorite players wearing compression gear of some sort. And if you are a recreational player (or even a serious one) of basketball, you might just benefit from wearing basketball compression clothing.

What to Look For in Your Basketball Compression Clothing

The most popular compression pieces used by basketball players include shorts, tights, and sleeves.

There are plenty of compression gear options out there, so here’s a quick look at some features and benefits you can expect from compression gear, along with some pointers on choosing the best type/style for you:

Wicking – The ability of the garment to transport sweat away from the body through evaporation is very beneficial for different reasons including letting the garment last longer, reduces the time it takes for it to become “smelling”, and a general cooling aspect.

Different types/styles -You can choose from those compression shorts worn under the shorts. There are different lengths of compression shorts from which to choose. You can choose from short-shorts to longer ones, including some options such as tights that will tuck into your socks.

Benefits of Compression for Basketball Players

While there are many benefits, one of the biggest one for basketball players, especially men, is that compression tights will keep your genitals in place and tight against your body. This adds protection, as well as prevents discomfort during the jumping and running of basketball. You can even find compression shorts that have padded sections. Padded areas around the thighs, glutes and other body parts can help prevent injuries.

Shooting sleeves are very popular among basketball players for many reasons. As you know, basketball is very physical and a bunch of slapping, shoving, grabbing and even sometimes scratches can occur during a game. A basketball sleeve will help protect your arm or arms against bruising and scratching. You may note that pros aren’t usually wearing a sleeve on their dominant arm, rather their weaker arm and it’s usually to prevent those pulls, grabs and potential scratches.

Some of the additional benefits of compression gear include:

  • More Oxygen to the Muscles — Muscles need oxygen for performance and compression wear will increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles.
  • Lowers Potential Soreness — Compression wear can help reduce or delay muscle soreness.
  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue —Compression wear can help reduce fatigue and soreness, both during and after workouts to increase performance.
  • Strain/ Injury Prevention — Because your muscles will stay in the correct position, compression gear will reduce the risk of pulls and strains.
  • Increased Power — Some studies have shown that compression gear can help with increased power and jumping ability.

Whether you are a serious player or just want to see and feel the benefits of basketball compression clothing, the helpful staff at ZeroPoint Compression can discuss your individual needs and help you choose just the right compression gear!


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