ZeroPoint Compression — Leading the Way in Sustainability

ZeroPoint, founded in 2009, is a leader in the arena of compression gear because of our ideals — we feel that “every athlete at every level has the right to be the best version of themselves.”

In producing our compression gear, we apply research, science and high-level product develop. We do this hand-in-hand with universities, sports labs and of course, athletes.

We get our name from a concept that every day is a new opportunity — essentially to begin every day at your new “ZeroPoint”. We strive to produce products that will give you confidence and the goal to test your boundaries, to advance just a bit father — whatever your sport.

Leader in Sustainability

Because we love where we live and work, we are also taking the lead in sustainability.

Currently, ZeroPoint is the only compression wear company to introduce and use environmentally sustainable fabrics. In our manufacturing process we use Econyl, a virgin-quality, 100% remanufactured nylon fiber. ZeroPoint realizes sustainability isn’t just a goal, but also a way of thinking and being.

More About Econyl

Econyl regenerated nylon is a product create by Aquafil, a leader in the synthetic fiber industry.

The material used to create Econyl is sourced in partnership with global foundations who work with fisherman around the world to collect discarded / lost nets, along with fibers from discarded carpeting.

This “waste” is then cleaned and sorted, then go through an innovative process where the recycled material is returned back to its original state, creating essentially brand-new, virgin nylon. This new material is then processed into yarn for textile and carpet manufacturers such as ZeroPoint Compression.

Many other fashion brands are embracing Econyl to create their products. Another interesting fact is that this nylon product has the potential to be recycled many times over, without losing quality. Econyl’s goal is that once all the products using Econyl are no longer being used, they can go back to Econyl’s regeneration system.

According to Econyl’s website, this process is truly making a difference in terms of environmental sustainability, and against climate change.

For every 10,200 tons of Econyl raw material that is produced:

70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved

57,100 tons of Co2 emission are avoided

We are very proud to be on the cutting-edge of using sustainable materials for our products.

If you would like to know more about our sustainability programs, please just send us an email. And as always, if you have any questions at all about any of our leading compression gear and the benefits provide, just contact us!

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