ZeroPoint Compression Partners with I AM ADAPTIVE

Leading Medical Grade Graduate Compression Company Partners up with I AM ADAPTIVE to help athletes increase performance and recovery.

San Diego, CA, Nov 1, 2016 – ZeroPoint, a leader in medical grade compression, is excited to announce a partnership with I AM ADAPTIVE, a non profit organization with a global physical and online community for Adaptive athletes. Through Educating, Socializing and Mobilizing Adaptive athletes & Veterans everywhere, they are ridding the world of the words “handicapped” and “disabled”.

“It’s a very exciting partnership for us,” said I AM ADAPTIVE President and Co-Founder Marilyn Zosia. “We help athletes Unleash Their Greatness and be leaders and role models in Adaptive culture. By partnering with ZeroPoint, we able able to offer our athletes a premium product that helps them perform to their best and recover fast.” The I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team is a roster of over 50 athletes that compete in various sports, including CrossFit, weightlifting, bodybuilding, snowboarding and track and field. As part of the sponsorship, ZeroPoint will provide product to the Compete Team athletes with medical grade compression gear; including socks, tights, shirts, calf & arm sleeves. In addition, ZeroPoint will be developing a signature sock for the program that will allow proceeds of the sale to go back to the organization.

In addition to athlete support, ZeroPoint is honored to help support I Am Adaptive at hosted and sponsored events and through social and digital campaigns. I Am Adaptive also recently opened their first Sports Performance Training Center, The Matrix Center. Focused on Innovative Therapy and Rehabilitation, The Matrix Center welcomes all athletic abilities with the goal of bringing a new standard of rehabilitation and performance to South Florida.

“We are honored and proud to partner up with I AM ADAPTIVE and their team of competitive athletes”, says Jimmie Berggren, CEO of Strategy Superb – Zero Point’s U.S. partner.  Zero Points medical grade compression will help these awesome individuals to perform and recover even better and faster then before and we couldn’t be happier to be part of this movement and journey.



About Zero Point:

Zero Point originated in Finland and was founded in 2009 with the goal to help athletes achieve their true potential by producing an elite level of high-performance products.  They are among only a select number of companies in the world that are designing their products with medical grade graduated compression. This product not only helps athletes in performance but also with recovery and injury prevention.

About I Am Adaptive:

I AM ADAPTIVE™ is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that concentrates on people’s strengths rather than their differences and goes out of its way to connect and work with other Non-Profit Organizations that understand this philosophy. I AM ADAPTIVE thrives on teamwork and knows what the power of networking, connection and universal inclusion can do for the community and world of sports.  The International I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team is full of heroic athletes making the ‘impossible’ possible and are busy motivating thousands others to do the same.


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