Zeropoint Football Compression Shorts

Football Compression Shorts Will Benefit Your Game

It’s very rare that you will ever watch football (professional or amateur) and not see the players wearing compression gear. Football compression shorts are extremely popular these days, along with all sorts of compression gear that have been assisting athletes in just about all sports and recreational activities.

We know that football is all about power and speed and the athletes are at their prime of physical fitness.

What are Football Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts are very similar to the usual spandex short. They are constructed of a stretchy material usually a combination of 20% spandex and 80% nylon. While football compression shorts are often tied to endorsement deals, they have been shown to provide health benefits to pros and amateurs alike. Many wearers have described wearing compression gear as having a massage before and after an activity.

The constant graduated pressure can reduce possible soreness and inflammation. Additionally, and perhaps the biggest benefit is that compression shorts and pants can speed recovery from the body contact that is a big part of the sport.

More Benefits

 Football does present a higher risk of groin injuries. Also, the moves and fast cuts that football requires can take a toll on the body. Compression shorts and other gear have been shown to let players compete with a lower risk of injury. The design of the football compression shorts and pants have helped avoid those painful groin injuries. Because a groin injury can often take a player out of the game for extended periods of time, the protection provided by compression wear is high on the list of benefits.

Even More Benefits!

In addition to the benefits discussed above, there are plenty of other benefits that can help football players, as well as athletes and others in many other sports and activities. These include:

  • Better Oxygenation– Compression garments have been shown to increase the amount of oxygen sent to the muscles. These garments are specifically designed to increase circulation levels, which in turn can enhance performance.
  • Perception of Improved Effort– Compression gear has been linked to a perception that you are engaged in a more effortless workout. With this comes easier workouts that can lead to higher performance levels.
  • Overall Comfort– The pressure applied by compression gear can help athletes feel secure and comfortable. Compression shorts and tights can prevent chafing in some especially sensitive areas, and they won’t ride up or get bunched up during athletic activities.

Finally, former Washington Redskin quarterback Robert Griffin III was reportedly crediting his compression pants for his speed, saying “when I put it on…I feel faster”.

While most of us are not professional football players, a lot of us enjoy playing the game, along with many other sports. Football compression shorts can be beneficial across the board, and at ZeroPoint Compression, we invite you to come out and discover the benefits!


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